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AHPRA was formed as a Tripoli Rocketry Assoc. Prefecture to promote high power rocketry in Arizona. We launch in conjunction with Tripo;i Phoenix as well as assisting Tripo;i Gerlach with the National Experimental Launch at the Black  Rock Desert in Nevada.

In addition AHPRA has sponsored several  contests. In the past we had an annual award for the  highest flight at LDRS using only black powder motors and contests using bowling balls as payloads.

Although all TRA members are welcome, AHPRA primarily is a group which launches large rockets. If one is interested in model rockets or NAR competition we would suggest the other club in  the area the Superstition   Space modeling Society.

An offshoot of AHPRA formed to promote experimental is the Experimental Rocketry Assoc of Arizona, XRAA. To be a member one must be actually making or using experimental motors. 

For those requiring Tripoli certification AHPRA has TAP members so all levels may be done within the club.

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