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  SSS-- Ex launch

January 2004 Monthly

February 2003 Monthly


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AHPRA at Turkey Shoot 2002

AHPRA at LDRS20, Video and photos

April 2001 Monthly launch

Gila Monster

---------------------- at Turkey Shoot

------------------------ at AHPRA monthly

January 2000

Large Rocket Record

Club Members

O 10,000 story.

--------------- Kansas LDRS

---------------------- Black Rock

--------------------------- Thunderbolt


AHPRA Movie time, mpg files


XRAA Gallery Photos from the experimental launches

Real Rocket Pictures

----------------------- More Real Rockets Pictures

-------------------------- Tube Launched Surface to Air

-------------------------------Real Smokey SAM

A day at Thiokol

------------------------Ducted Rocket

------------------------Hawk Motor

Flare rocket





Sounding Rockets Parts


C-130 firing decoy flares mpg, 2.7 meg



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