2001 Photos of the Month

December Photo of the Month

Ed Wilk's V-2 at the December monthly launch.

Great flight with better recovery than the club LDRS V-2


August Photo of the Month

AHPRA club project 1/4 scale V-2 with Mike Meele and Robin Meredith. Launched on a AeroTech M2000 Redline donated by AeroTech for demo.

July Photo of the Month

AHPRA Group Project V-2

Robin is really standing on the rocket. It is not supported other than by the fins and the forward edge of the tube. Fins are foam core with 1/16th plywood skins. Tail cone is filled with expanding foam.


June Photo of the Month

A still from Dan Hawrylkiw's video camera rocket of the flight line at Rainbow Valley. North is to the upper right.


May Photo of the Month

Sara Meredith with her Estes rocket on a A10. We do have model rockets at AHPRA launches. She, with a little help, flew six rockets at this launch.


APRIL Photo of the Month

Fred Gruis of Iowa launched his modified Mini Mag on a Kosdon East Red flame M motor. The motor extended into the nose cone.


March Photo of the Month

Mike Meehl 9.25" rocket on Aerotech M1315 at the February monthly launch.


February Photo of the Month

1.2 meg

The photo this month is a video. This is of an Aerotech 98mm M Redline motor being static fired as a demo at the Turkey Shoot launch last November.

Click here, 1.2 meg


January Photo of the Month

This is Mike Wells' 7.5" Mosquito on an L952

at the December AHPRA monthly launch.

Click for larger image

Here is Mike with his "Texas Mosquito" before the flight.

Mike is FROM El Paso.



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