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January 04 Photo of the Month

Mike Luna peers into his level 3 rocket.

He used a door peephole to see in.

More pictures of this rocket


August 03 Photo of the Month

So, how strong are your fins?

This is the fin section of Thunderball 1 after it crashed. The airframe was crushed to the  middle centering ring. Standing on the rocket here are Jim Cornwell, Robin Meredith and Mark Clark. Shortly after this we replaced skinny Jim with Ron Z and the fins supported 820 lbs!

Fins are 1/2" birch plywood with two layers of 9 oz. carbon fiber on each side. Tube had carbon on inside only and was foam filled. This was the first "conventional construction", i.e. plywood, cardboard, plus fiber, rocket we had made for an O motor and it was way overkill. For Thunderball 2, launched on a ARM P6500, 1/4" plywood was used and only one layer of carbon. Tube had 2 external wraps of 4 oz carbon. It was still strong enough that Heidi could stand between the fins and bounce it off the floor.

Thunderball 1 had 3 launches, an O with a bowling ball, an M for a L-3 cert flight and the doomed launch on an M Skidmark. The altimeter did not like the popping and ejected early.

This part is on display at the Extreme Rocketry offices along with other famous wreckage.


April 03 Photo of the Month

Museum at Huntsville.



December 02 Photo of the Month

Norm Egolf's scratch built 71/2" Big Gumby rocket on a Ron Zeppin red flame N2000 motor. Good boost and motor but at apogee the line between the booster and payload sections failed.  Main 'chute at 1200' saved payload, booster will need a lot of repair.

More pictures of this rocket at December '02 Monthly page.

Photo by Dan Hawrylkiw.

November 02 Photo of the Month


Photo by Dan Hawrylkiw, L5300, 1/2 second burn 2900Nsec motor.

For more see November launch Page

July 02 Photo of the Month

Geoff Elder at LDRS 21

Winner of the AHPRA Bowling Ball loft with a flight of 7142'. Geoff used an AeroTech K550 in an extremely light airframe.

For prize list and other winners see, Bowling Ball Winners


March 02 Photo of the Month

Homer Hickam

We had several AHPRA Members at Borders to have their books signed by Homer Hickam. He spoke to a group of about 100 and then fielded questions.

AHPRA presented him with a club T-shirt.

More info on his new book at

Photo by Dolores Nelson

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