Norm Egolf's Sparky Sugar Motors

Norm Egolf's two stage, sparky sorbitol potassium nitrate motor to an Aerotech H-180 at the February XRAA launch. It weighed in at 4 lbs w/o motors. The booster motor was in Kosdon 38/640 hardware, a 5 grain load of what he calls  "Fire Hawk Formula". The sustainer reached 4,734ft AGL and used a PET-2 for staging and booster recovery.....the sustainer used a RRC2-X altimeter for recovery.

There are experts who say a sugar motor does not burn hot enough to light the titanium chips. No one told Norm this.

Good flight, chutes on both stages and recovered about 200 yards away.


Rocket launched by Ron Zeppin. He bought it built over a year ago and repainted it.  It weighs about 20lbs, 5.5" dia. Hardware was Kosdon/AMW 54/2550, the motor estimated to be about a K-900 again the "Fire Hawk Formula". The motor burned longer than expected but ignition was fast and went to 3,750 ft. AGL. Electronics by Skyward.




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