May '13 Monthly Launch


Very Good turn out for the launch. Weather could not be beat.

Don with a rocket using one of his research motors, he had several good flights using them.




Brandy with his Aero-ox, The Winged Bovine



Photo by Steve Sumner

Steve Peters' "Pike" on an L900 AT Dark Matter.

APHRA seems to have a history of big camo rockets with sparky motors.

Photo by Steve Sumner

Phoenix by Steve Peters L-850W
Photo by Steve Sumner
Astro Pop by Scott Sumner

Scott and Steve came up from Tucson for the launch.



ASU Daedalus Astronautics group.

Three were there for Cert 1 and the rest to help with set up and cheering

Lauren from ASU with her rocket on a AT I600 on her Cert 1 attempt.



Photo by Steve Sumner

There was a LARGE group from Mingus Mountain High School in Cottonwood that made the long trek to launch a M.

Robin, 1 of of the teachers there, has had an outstanding rocket program for many years.


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