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Rich and Kellee Shepherd, both AHPRA members. Rich is holding the prototype of what was to become the "Mach Fever". Kellee is one of the few women who are L-3.

Mark Ketchum, TRA 2570. This is Mark's entry in the AHPRA Bowling Ball Lite contest at LDRS 19. Mark posted the highest altitude but club members were not eligible for prizes, his sugestion. Mark was the treasure for AHPRA until he got a better job and moved to Iowa.


Wild Bill Freer with a Mach Buster. Bill will put the biggest motor that fits or not in his rocket.


Moira Whitlock,TRA 6487, with a single motor rocket and with her four 38mm cluster.

She is ALWAYS in orange

Mark Clark, TRA 414, Prefect of AHPRA. This is the WAC Crayon, two stage with 54mm mounts in both stages. Although it looks complete in this picture it is not glued. Mark was making single stage Crayon kits in two sizes and sold the upper stage seen here.


Mike Meele, TRA 4538. He is launching this rocket on an experimental N motor at a XRAA launch

Mike Wells, former prefect form El Paso now an AHPRA member. The rocket, hard to see here, is "Darth Angel". Its life started on a Christmas tree and ended with a Estes motor in a bad place.

Monty Merkley, TRA 6055, is seen here test flying a rocket prior to paint.


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