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Below is the AHPRA/XRAA BALLS page. 

This page has much the same info as the "Official Page" But you need to go there for latest info, to register and buy T-shirts.


Launch date will be September 20-22

Pre registration ends September 14, 2013. This means it must be delivered to AHPRA before that date, not post marked.

BALLS is held under Tripoli Research rules. To launch you must be a TRA member, to launch research you need to be level 2 minimum and certified to the total impulse you are using. The NAR does not support research activities so NAR members can not launch unless they are also TRA members, sorry..

Certified motors must be K impulse or greater.

Research motors have no minimum size.

Vendors MUST contact AHPRA well before the launch to guarantee a space on vendor row.  Vendors must get a permit to sell stuff from the BLM

Friday, Saturday and Sunday is launching all day or until we run out of rockets on Sunday. 

Thats right, research all three days.

Maximum Waiver is to 491,000 feet. TRA Research rules state.........

7.5.1. The maximum launch altitude for flights containing research motors shall be 75% of the waiver altitude established for the launch. The BOD may waive this requirement when it can be demonstrated (by past performance, actual thrust curves, etc.) that the performance of the motor(s) to be used shall not exceed the limits of the waiver.

However the rocket must sim that it stays in the waivered area. 15 mile radius. If you are going to be close contact us well BEFORE the launch. To land farther out you will need your own waiver and permit from BLM (File early!)

Rockets with Class 3 waivers may be higher/farther out. Farther requires a BLM permit.


Rockets regardless of impulse designed to fly above 50,000 feet AGL will be submitted to the Class 3 committee for review.

From TRA BoD--

Due to increased scrutiny and renewed interaction between FAA and sister Federal agencies. Rockets regardless of impulse designed to fly above 50,000 feet AGL will be submitted to the Class 3 committee for review.

This is internal and not a request by any Federal Agency but renewed commitment to Safety by Tripoli.

This does not constitute a Class 3 certification but is an excellent primer for obtaining one.

Procedures for submittal may be found under the Class 3 Committee section of the Tripoli web site or by contacting Kent Newman at kent.newman@comcast.net or me at jetviper@aol.com


If you are planning to use a total impulse larger than P, liquid fuel, or a hybrid with an oxidizer other than Nitrous Oxide you must get the approval of the Tripoli Board before the launch.  You should plan on submitting your  proposal to them before LDRS so it can be voted on.  In '08 we had issues with projects with a total motor burn greater than 15 seconds, if you are thinking about doing this contact the TRA BoD early to start negotiations. If you just show up with one of the above without the BoD blessing it will not be launched.

All projects P or larger need a seperate waiver. The flyer of the rocket must file with the FAA themselves, this is a FAA rule not ours.

TRA will help you file for your Class 3 waiver


What is BALLS?

Range fees

Pre register       $40

On Site             $60


All who attend must pay the range fee.

Please do not send your registration until after LDRS!

More info, BALLS22 T-Shirts, Registration Form

Hotel, Bruno's    775-557-2220

If you are going to drive on Black Rock read this.

Camp Fires

GPS Location

Try to stay on established trails. It keeps from tracking up the playa and you are less likely to end up in a mud hole.

Traditional Location.

May change a couple miles this year.

N 40 48.5',  W 119 9.0'

Decimal minutes not seconds

This is not the same location AEROPAC sets up at.





Do you got the real thing or are you just talking?


BALLS 1 Steve Buck August 19, 1991 One day event in conjunction with LDRS 10
BALLS 2 Steve Buck to AEROPAC August 17, 1992 One day event in conjunction with LDRS 11
FireBALLS 003 AEROPAC September 6, 1993 One day event in conjunction with Aeronaut 4
FireBALLS 004 AEROPAC 1994 Stand Alone
FireBALLS 005 AEROPAC August 1995 One day event in conjunction with LDRS 14
BALLS 006 LTR August 1996 Stand Alone
BALLS 007 AEROPAC July 21-22, 1997 Held in conjunction with No-Balls on July 19-20
BALLS 8 AHPRA August 1-3, 1998 Stand Alone - Held a week before LDRS17 (Utah)
BALLS 9 AHPRA September 1999 Stand Alone
BALLS 10 AHPRA September 29-October 1, 2000 Stand Alone
BALLS Canceled Due To 9/11 2001  
BALLS 11 AHPRA September 28-30, 2002 Stand Alone
BALLS 12 AHPRA September 19-21, 2003 Stand Alone
BALLS 13 AHPRA September 10-12, 2004 Stand Alone
BALLS 14 AHPRA September 16-18, 2005 Stand Alone
BALLS 15 AHPRA September 20-October 1, 2006 Stand Alone
BALLS 16 AHPRA September 29-30, 2007 Stand Alone
BALLS 17 AHPRA September 27-29, 2008 Stand Alone
BALLS 18 AHPRA October 2-4, 2009 Stand Alone
BALLS 19 AHPRA September 24-26, 2010 Stand Alone
BALLS 20 AHPRA September 30-October 1&2, 2011 Stand Alone
BALLS 21 AHPRA September 21, 22 & 23, 2012 Stand Alone





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