April 2001 launch Photos

Bob Moreash with another one of his beautifully finnished rockets.

Art Martin's gantry launch pad. Art has a motor which fires static in the base of the pad for a smoke effect before lift off.


Jeffrey Parker's rocket on a Skidmark motor started a small grass fire. We had fire extinguishers and shovels at the ready in case of such a event.

Meeting of the minds. Dan Hawrylkiw, Matt Lemons, Jim Rosson, Nathan Warner, Jim Cornwell and Paul Robinson. We had five TAP members at the launch. One L-3 cert was done.


Mike Meele's rocket on a Skidmark motor. It was launched from the same pad as burned on the previous Skidmark flight. Left photo of the set up was before the rocket was moved to the other pad.

Rick Scott, at the Gila Monster pad, showing off his tool kit.

Ron Zeppin seting up his Super Daddy. 9.25" diameter upscale Big Daddy on an experimental M motor.

All did not go as planned. Altimeter recorded a record minimum for an M powered flight of 136 feet.

Gila Monster pictures


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