April Gila Monster Photos

275 pounds, 16.35 inches in diameter, 21 feet tall, 35,000NS


The Gila Monster was assembled on a trailer which was then towed with a ATV to the launch pad.

Many hands are requuired to move from the trailer to the rail. The rail belongs to and was made by Steve Roberson, is on a trailer which has motorized lift, a wire less controler and is recharged by the sun.

Ed Wilk adjusting the stand offs before rocket is raised.

Arming the electronics.

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Gila Monster Lifts Off on Five Aerotech M motors.

The black "smoke" is a large amount of dirt kicked up by the motors. The people are not as close as they may appear.

Gila monster on the parachutes One of the large chutes did not open but there was no landing damage. Altitude: 4250 feet.

Even though a large area had been cleared the motors started a grass fire at launch which was quickly extinguished by many volunteers. Fire extinguishers, rakes , hoes, and shovels had been placed around the pad just for this possiblity.

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Flight line at the launch. This was the largest AHPRA monthly launch to date.

Gila Monster Launch at Rainbow Valley MPG. 1.3MB

Gila Monster at the Turkey Shoot

Other rockets at this launch

Photos on this page by Mark Clark, Larry Geistlinger, and Mike Nash.


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