AHPRA Member Certs Level 1 & 2 on 18th Birthday!

On November 8 AHPRA member Sara did her level one, took the level two test and did her level two flight all on the same day. She has been launching with us for years with her father (A Real Rocket Scientist himself) and had been working tirelessly to achieve this. We got lucky on the date as it was a Saturday and the SSS had a launch that day saving us from having to apply for a new waiver.

Her Rocket, "The 18th Candle" was launched on an AT I161 for the first flight, while her father recovered the rocket she took the L-2 test and after passing that with flying colors she started to assemble the AT J350 for the L-2 flight. Both flights were the KISS theory and we single deploy using motor ejection.

Prepping for launch with Mom wondering, "How will we ever pay for college if she does this?"

RSO Check in

RSO check in with the unwavering gaze of Gerald Meux and Bob Heninger

On to the pad with a hand coming from Jim Cornwell

A good recovery with the help of Mark Clark.




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